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🔊 BRUH 🔊 乃尺ㄩ卄 🔊 BRUH 🔊 乃尺ㄩ卄 🔊 BRUH 🔊 乃尺ㄩ卄
🔊 BRUH 🔊 乃尺ㄩ卄 🔊 BRUH 🔊 乃尺ㄩ卄 🔊 BRUH 🔊 乃尺ㄩ卄
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Extra level

Another shitty guitar training session

): :)

Some shitty 1 AM showcase I made for hemirt but whatever practice is practce

Hey nib, look. Im tryin to learn some Jim Hendrix stuff.
Sounds like shit tbh...

And also some Esi Disi

The universe has a beginning, but no end. —Infinite.
The stars too have beginnings, but their power accompanies their decline. —Finite.
It the wise who are the most foolish. History has taught us as much.
The fish of the sea know not the world of the land. Were they to possess wisdom, they too would experience decline.
It is more absurd that humans should surpass the speed of light than it is that fish should start living on the land.
This can be said to be God's final warning to those who resist.
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